Wolf Vollprecht
Chief Technology Officer

@wuoulf | @wolfv

Wolf is a prolific open-source developer. He is a the creator of the Mamba package manager, and a core team member of the conda-forge project. Wolf also founded RoboStack, a cross-platform ROS distribution.

Beyond package management, Wolf has made numerous contributions to the Jupyter ecosystem, with the JupyterLab draw.io extension, and as the co-creator of the JupyterLab-ROS collection extensions for Robotics. He is also a co-author of the xtensor project, a C++ tensor algebra library.

Wolf organizes Packaging Con, the package management conference. He also served as co-infrastructure chair of JupyterCon 2020.

Wolf holds a Master degree in Robotics, Systems and Controls at ETH Zurich with a specialization in AI and Deep Learning.